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I run longer summer retreats and shorter weekend retreats for doctors in the UK.

I will guide you to reconnect and re-ignite your internal wisdom to heal and self care.

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Yoga and Mindfulness Retreat for Doctors - 18th-20th September 2020

How can we self care when we don't even find time to eat lunch without simultaneously working and when we barely even find time to visit the toilet?

How can we squeeze this supposedly essential thing into our already jam packed life?

Join us for the weekend to both consider this and engage in some strategies to help.

Step away from the daily rush and find out what the next best steps are for you - to move towards greater wellness and fulfilment.

Over the weekend we will connect body and mind with yoga practices open to all levels, calm ourselves with mindfulness and deep relaxation and nourish ourselves with wholesome food, company and surroundings.

This retreat runs from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon and includes all practices, meals, accommodation and refreshments.

Thuli is joined for this weekend by Emma who runs the mindfulness sessions.

‘Less is more’

Emma Went

Emma is a Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist. She has been practising mindfulness and contemplative prayer for many years. She has extensive experience of working with people with borderline personality disorder and using mindfulness in that context, as well as her private psychotherapy practice.

For the past few years she has led the "Creative Mindfulness" session at a twice yearly Doctors retreat and this is the second year she has led mindfulness at the doctors' retreat. She lives and works in Norfolk where she enjoys mindfully interacting with the peace and beauty of her surroundings.